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AIS Group prides itself on getting results while providing excellent customer service. We take the time to understand your needs and cater our services accordingly. Everything, from our approach with your debtors to our approach with you and your staff, is customized to exceed your expectations.

We provide a large array of collection services, some of which are a la carte. Most of our collection programs are contingency-based. Some of our services are pay services while other services are completely complimentary.

Legal Forwarding

Many of our clients find it necessary to file a lawsuit against a former customer, in some cases they deem it necessary to do prior to collections and we can help. However, we (and most attorneys) will advise to place a sour account in collections prior to filing a lawsuit.

In most circumstances, an effort by a third party (like a collections agency) can deliver the desired results on a contingency based program rather than paying a retainer, filling fees, court costs and who knows what other time and expenses are incurred trying to play the waiting game of getting into court.

A good agency will gather all sorts of useful financial information and hidden disputes on account that may push a debtor to pay, give you more leverage in a suit, gather information that may allow you time think twice before filling a claim or prevent you from getting into a counter suit situation.

Asset & Liability Investigation

In addition to our contingent collections program, we have an Asset & Liability Investigations service. In investigatory service provides the infrastructure details and legally obtained financials for your debtor’s companies.

These investigations are time intensive and can go all the way to private property searches, bank searches, liens, judgments, defaults, credit bureau, business associates, and client business relationships to name a few.

Contact your sales or service center representative for the information on our Asset & Liability Investigations (fees and special documents often apply).

Free Demand Letters

Once you are a client of AIS Group, you are entitled a free 48-hour fax & email demand or a 10-day third party demand letter. To qualify for this complimentary demand letter program, your debtors cannot be more than 88 days past due. This program works great. You simply decide on how quickly you want your money. Contact your sales or service center representative for the information on our free demand letters program.

Legal Demand Letters

We also make available free and pre-paid Legal Demand Letter. The Legal Demand is a document that we generate in house, or we use an attorney in your debtors’ state that sends the local legal demand for payment. Contact your sales or service center representative for the information on our Legal Demand program. With our nationwide collections network, your debtors can no longer harbor across state lines.

Financial Investigation

Has your company been financially defrauded? With our external private investigator network, our in-house CPAs, in-house fraud investigators, and our legal counsel, this licensed and bonded division has the legal means to expose the root cause of your claim.

From credit card fraud investigations to theft of services and unjust enrichment cases, we work in concert with legal counsel and law enforcement. AIS Group collaborates with local attorneys, district attorneys, and a variety of federal offices to conduct financial investigations.

By working within corresponding jurisdictions and our public records departments, our financial investigations can assist and lead to the arrest/prosecution of individuals and or companies that defraud you.

Nationwide Private Investigators

Our private investigator services can be customized for your circumstances and requests. When an account is placed in collections and it is deemed advantageous to confront your debtor face-to-face, we will require your permission to deploy our nationwide investigators to get your dispute resolved.

Once we have obtained your permission, we assign one of our national private investigators to discuss the situation directly with your debtor or principal officer of the debtor company. Typically, we provide this service at no additional charge – depending on the state where debtor resides.

The private investigators we employ are typically retired law enforcement officers. All private investigators we employ are licensed and bonded in their state of service. Should you decide to employ your own private investigation service, AIS Group can collaborate on your case to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

Business Activity Scan

Our Business Activity Scan is an invaluable tool that can serve multiple purposes. For pre-approval on new credit accounts, you can use the information to supplement your in-house credit protocols.

The Business Activity Scan can also be an essential source of information when a debtor has not remitted payment or has stopped communicating.

Our expert collectors compile exhaustive materials from a variety of public record resources. All information obtained is considered public record and available for all that have the knowledge to find it.

Please note that this service is not designed to replace credit bureau reports. We advise you to conduct thorough credit reports as your due diligence and determined by your protocols prior to extending credit.

Contact your AIS Group representative for the information on our Business Activity Scan.

Looking For More?

If there are any other services you require, please let us know. If you previously used an agency and they did something that worked well for you, chances are we can do the same. Simply reach out to your sales or customer service representative or contact us using the link below. Let us know what we can do to make you happy.

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