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American Investigation Services Group (AIS Group, LLC) was founded in 2004. AIS Group is a licensed and bonded collection agency specializing in the recovery of past-due commercial accounts receivables for small to large businesses in various industries.

Our headquarters are located in Mandeville, Louisiana. With sales offices throughout the U.S.
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Dedicated Collections Staff

AIS Group provides top notch customer support through the entire collections process. We promise to do our best to answer all of your questions in a professional and timely manner. We’re not interested in making a one-time sale. We want to establish a business relationship for life. You can confidently work with AIS Group knowing that we’ll always be here to answer all of your questions.

AIS Group employs experienced in commercial collections. We take care to assign collectors with specific qualifications for each collection type and approach.

Our major collectors (large balance collectors) have 15+ years of commercial collections experience. Medium balance collectors have 7-15 years of commercial collections experience. Minor collectors handle accounts with smaller balances and typically have 1-7 years of collection experience.

Your choice approach

Our dedicated and specific balance collection staff takes pride in communicating with your debtor companies in a manner that you have requested.

We can cater to your custom approach requests. However, we have three basic approaches that have proven to be successful.

AUDIT APPROACH: The Audit Approach is a soft arbitration approach. This approach is designed to collect and reform a once great customer. This mild approach can help to revive a business relationship in an attempt to bring your customer back to good-standing and remind them of your credit terms.

NORMAL APPROACH: In the Normal Approach, we communicate with your debtor and present the unpaid situation. We resolve the dispute or slow pay issues and get your money back in your pocket as quick as possible. This approach also reminds the customer of your company’s terms. The case is only escalating in the event they become un-cooperative and clearly demonstrate no intent in resolving the issue.

HARD APPROACH: When we employ the Hard Approach, we conduct the collection actions to recover your funds immediately. This approach disregards the customer’s relationship with your business – typically this approach is employed when you are not concerned about continuing to do business with the customer and you need your money back by all legal and ethical means.

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