Benefits Of Working With AIS Group

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Most agencies have the same goal, to collect your money. It’s the tools they have at their disposal and how they choose to use them is what makes the difference. At AIS Group, we have spent a lot of time and money gathering and perfecting the proper tools to be a higher yielding company than the average – and at no additional costs to you.


Most clients are qualified for our 10-day remit program. Within ten business days after receiving a good check from your debtor, your remittance check is mailed to you. You may also be eligible at this time for bank wire of funds, Fed Ex overnight or priority return. Learn more about our remittance process on the remittance section of our site.


Understanding what has been collected, when to receive your funds, averages, percentages, yields, and payouts are key factors for CFO’s, Controllers, and Accounts Receivable managers. Getting proper reporting can be a determining factor in choosing the right agency. We use state of the art software to generate a variety of reports available to you in your choice format.


Why throw good money after bad by paying up front for collections? All of our efforts are contingent upon our success in recovering your money for you. If we collect nothing, you owe us nothing.

We negotiate a contingency rate that you are comfortable with and in the event we are unsuccessful in recoveries (such as in the case of a debtor bankruptcy), there are no charges billed to you whatsoever. As a BONUS, we add our pre-negotiated contingency rate into the balance being pursued – we make every effort to collect our fees from your debtor while attempting to keep you “whole” and possibly making the collection “free”. We deduct our pre-negotiated contingency from the entire amount collected.

In the event a debtor is more comfortable send the money directly to you – we are fine with that and often encourage it, we simply bill you our portion after the fact. Ask your sales representative about the details and things to be aware of.

Private Investigators

Ever wished that you could go face to face with your debtor company? Now you can, in some select cases we assign a private investigator to go face to face with your debtor to negotiate or arbitrate a dispute.

There are no costs to you when we utilize this method for recovery – you may opt out of this method when designing your collections approach with your sales representative.

Legal Forwarding

Many of our clients find it necessary to file a lawsuit against a former customer, in some cases they deem it necessary to do prior to collections and we can help. However, we (and most attorneys) will advise to place a sour account in collections prior to filing a lawsuit.

In most circumstances, an effort by a third party (like a collections agency) can deliver the desired results on a contingency-based program rather than paying a retainer, filling fees, court costs and who knows what other time and expenses are incurred trying to play the waiting game of getting into court.

A good agency will gather all sorts of useful financial information and hidden disputes on account that may push a debtor to pay, give you more leverage in a suit, gather information that may allow you time think twice before filling a claim or prevent you from getting into a counter suit situation.

Too often good money is spent after bad because uncollectible judgments do not translate to good business decisions. It’s not enough to prove who’s right and who’s wrong. It’s about the bottom line.

Results: The Only Thing That Really Matters

What Makes A Good Collection Agency?